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My Latinos!!!!!


My Latinos!!!!!

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From Top to Bottom.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good wank session. Maybe a couple of months.

In the last couple of weeks I’d been feeling horny, and taking care of myself in the usual manner, but I’d still be feeling horny but in a different kind of way.

It wasn’t until last night that I recognised that I was feeling horny for cock. Not just a cock to play with and suck on, but I wanted a cock IN me.

So, yesterday I went about my day playing with myself and edging a couple of times, and then at night I went all out. I got my blue dildo out and my oil-based lube and I had a fucking amazing time!

I was fucking myself so good and hard I had to keep taking a break. I was fucking myself for a good two hours!! It wasn’t until the end that I had wished I had someone with me to watch me fuck myself or have someone take over, and pound my hole.

I had edged all day (and hadn’t cum in the last 5 days) and was fucking myself so good with the dildo, that when I finally came it was HUGE!! Not just amount of cum, but the feeling deep inside my hole was amazing. When I came, I shoved the dildo deep inside me and left it there, and I could feel my prostate throbbing against the head of the dildo with each wave of orgasm. My orgasm last longer as well. I definitely recommend it!!

I fucked myself so good, I still feel a little sore. But I would do it all again!!

And I still consider myself more of a top… I’m liking the term Versatile now haha!


Colby Keller rims Seth Santoro (@CockyBoys)


Colby Keller rims Seth Santoro (@CockyBoys)

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Swimmers, wrestlers, football players / singlets, jockstraps, speedos and spandex!

Fuck yeah

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Thick cocks and hung studs

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Please follow me



Please follow me

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I’m feeling a bit horny…aren’t you?

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"It feels so damn good!"

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