Once he gets the rythme, he can go for hours


Once he gets the rythme, he can go for hours

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Lube - Part II

So, adding on to yesterday’s post about being in love with the silicone lube, I still think it is amazing.

Tonight, I had a really good wank session, and I decided to try again. A bit of the lube on one finger, then two fingers, then some on the dildo, and away I went. I fucked my hole real good with this dildo, and all it just kept sliding in and out smoothly.

If I’d have had this years ago, I probably would have ended up as a bottom haha!


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Always helps to have 3 or 4 buddies to help you fagatize a boy properly, so he knows there’s no going back to being a Man.   He’s always gonna be a cock hungry faggot from now on !

So true

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So, last week I bought some silicone based lube (Swiss Navy, to be precise), because I was tired of the water-based lube drying out or getting sticky and gluggy.

I finally got my chance to test it out tonight along with my new dildo. Despite the danger of the lube coming into contact with clothing and staining them, I am a complete convert.

It felt amazing playing with myself and having the dildo just sliding smoothly in and out of my hole. As the guy behind the counter at Mannhaus cautioned to me, do not use a lot because it can get everywhere easily, is fair warning— One or two squirts was all I really needed. (I applied a lot more because I was enjoyed the feeling of a silky smooth lube all over my junk and on/in my hole. Personal fetish).

I was enjoying myself so much that I was matching the rhythm of the guys fucking in the porn clip I was watching for a good 15 minutes, before being driven over the edge and blasting a 8 day load all over myself!

What I am trying to say here is, silicone based lube is amazing!

I am never going back to water based lube.

I just thought you’d like to know that a Top just fucked himself senseless, thanks to his new lube. Enjoy.


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Ricky Martinez (wish that was me!)

Love Ricky Martinez… A true porn artiste…


Spy gloryhole jerk

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